TC300 Treadclimber Review

Fake negative reviews are a big problem you’re going to run into when searching for information online about any Bowflex treadclimber. Don’t believe me that they’re fake? Well check out the crappy reviews on the TC5000 then type in TC3000 and TC1000 into your search engine. There they all are again! Word for word! The exact same “phony” negative write ups used on all three models? WHAT!!?

So whats the deal? The deal is that treadclimbers are hot and getting hotter and Bowlex PR, having the most years and experience in the business of manufacturing complex high tech fitness equipment totally dominates the treadclimber market. Bowflex competitors create and post them because if they tried waiting for “legitimate” negative reviews to appear in the search engines, they would be waiting an awful long time it turns out. All Bowlfex TC Treadclimbers are quality made and come with great warranty packages.


Check the price on the TC3000 and then go do a little comparative price shopping. What you’ll see is that their nearest competitor is easily $700 more expensive. So what do you get for your extra $700 with their competitors? It turns out that they do offer you a few more electrical whistles and bells on the console and thats about it.

I have personally tried all three Bowflex M5 treadclimbers at stores that carry them here in New York City where I live and was totally impressed by all of them. Smooth running, no problems making changes and adjustments, speed, incline, from treadmill to treadclimber etc. I can also report back that the treadclimber is very fun to use, so please don’t make any comparisons to a standard treadmill.

Once I got on and and got going, I simply didn’t want get off! So it’s not hard to see how someone can garner faster and better results from a treadclimber vs a treadmill in that respect. Also, I did have chance to try out a few of the features and I really like the calorie counter. This ones definitely a big motivator. It really makes it hard to cut your workout short when you can actually see how many calories you’re burning right on the screen being counted up as they are being burned

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